Frank Tracy Griswold III

The 25th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church.

Frank T. Griswold

Jubilee, Debt Relief, and Poverty Reduction

June 16, 1999

Statement for the United States House Committee on Banking and Financial Services The Presiding Bishop was asked by Episcopalian U.S. Congressman Jim Leach (R-Iowa) to testify in front of the […]

Presiding Bishop on the Ongoing Crisis in Kosovo

May 14, 1999

I write to the Church today to provide an update on the multiple efforts undertaken at our Church Center and our whole Church in the midst of the tragedy that […]

Presiding Bishop Criticizes Clinton Diplomacy in Wake of NATO Attack on Chinese Embassy

May 13, 1999

"It is my strong sense that, while apologies were made, qualifiers and linkages to other issues served only to further worsen the situation, showing disrespect to the Chinese people at […]

The Presiding Bishop’s Easter Season 1999 Message

April 4, 1999

I am honored to have been asked to preach on this occasion when we call to mind the ecumenical vision of William Reed Huntington, sixth rector of this church, which […]

Remarks by the Presiding Bishop on the NATO Bombing Campaign

March 19, 1999

Friday in Lent V During a season marked by self examination, repentance and reconciliation to God and one another, we find ourselves witnessing the terrible spectacle of violence and civil […]

An Invitation to Self Denial

March 1, 1999

The Lenten journey is oriented toward Jerusalem. With Jesus and his disciples we go up to the Holy City and enter into the Paschal mystery of his dying and rising: […]

Of Cupid, and Lent, and the Dimensions of Love

February 1, 1999

On February 14 lovers will exchange cards and flowers in celebration of St. Valentine's Day. Three days later we celebrate Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. The feast of […]

ECUSA Yes Vote to Churches in Covenant Communion

January 24, 1999

"The Episcopal Delegation votes yes but will not be able to commend it to our General Convention for consideration until agreement has been reached with regard to the reconciliation of […]

Sermon by the Presiding Bishop at the Washington National Cathedral

January 9, 1999

A year ago today, I stood in this pulpit in the course of the Liturgy during which I was invested as your new Presiding Bishop, Primate and Chief Pastor. The […]

Statement from the Presiding Bishop about the Situation in Iraq

December 18, 1998

In these December days, as Christians await the coming of the Prince of Peace, Hanukkah has just begun, and the season of Ramadan is days away, it is a tragic […]

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