Young Adult and Campus Ministry

Young Adult and Campus Ministries

Harvard’s Liturgical Tent Structure

March 4, 2021

Students at Harvard University worship at Christ Church Cambridge, a Revolutionary War-era church in the stark, puritan architectural tradition. “One evening we were meeting,” said Rita Powell, Episcopal Chaplain at Harvard, “and looking at a dark, empty church and thinking about what could we do with the space to make it feel more close, more […]

Going Virtual: Chaplaincy During COVID

December 7, 2020

By: Young Adult and Campus Ministries The COVID-19 pandemic affected all aspects of society from stores and restaurants to schools and houses of worship. When it became clear that the aforementioned public places could be quite dangerous, places began to close their doors to the public and impose restrictions to help stop the spread of the […]

Upended, Replanting, and Building Campus Ministries

April 1, 2020

By: The Rev. Benjamin Garren Overwhelmed. Upended. Empty. The last few days have left me, at best, despondent about my life as a chaplain. All of the routines of my daily life, all of the patterns of the community I serve, all of the systems my ministry engages have fallen apart. Figuring out best steps forward […]

Walking the Labyrinth Set Before Us

March 27, 2020

Reflections from Physical Distancing By: The Rev. Kimberly Rowles Reinholz I am a priest, a partner, a parent, and a person.  I usually introduce myself that way when I write letters introducing myself. But right now, I feel like my vocation is both expanded to include kindergarten and preschool teacher, cafeteria worker, mental health worker, and […]

When Ministry Changes

March 26, 2020

By: The Rev. Shannon Kelly Over the last few weeks, as the COVID-19 pandemic has spread rapidly throughout the world, we have all had to adapt to a new kind of ministry. Our worship, conversations, and planning have shifted to online formats. We have had to get creative about how we can stay connected, even as […]

Ministry with Young Adults

December 7, 2018

The church spends much time and effort lamenting that young adults aren’t coming to church and talking amongst itself about what to do about it. The church says it wants young adults to be a part of the life of the church, but many aren’t quite sure where to begin. As with anything we do […]


October 23, 2018

“Voting and participation in our government is a way of participating in our common life and that is a Christian obligation.” -Presiding Bishop Michael Curry The Faith Formation Department and the Office of Government Relations Episcopal Public Policy Network have teamed up to help you think about how to #VoteFaithfully and help others do the […]

Young Adult and Campus Ministry Grant Process for 2019

October 4, 2018

The Episcopal Church invites applications for grants to assist with Young Adult and Campus Ministries throughout the church. This is a three-step process which includes discernment and planning, writing the application, and online submission. This process is designed to help you discern where and how God is calling your community to serve young adults and […]

2018 Young Adult and Campus Ministry Gatherings

January 16, 2018

This year, the Office of Young Adult and Campus Ministry is hosting the Young Adult Festival at General Convention, and therefore will NOT hold the annual conference that usually happens in June. Instead, we are focusing on gathering with our friends and colleagues around the church at regional gatherings. While each is listed chronologically by […]

Young Adult and Campus Ministry 2018 Grant Process

October 19, 2017

Starting January 2, 2018, the Episcopal Church will invite applications for grants to assist with ministries with Young Adult and Campus Ministries throughout the church. This will be a three-step process: Grant Discernment and Planning (download the pdf) Completing the Grant Application (download the Word doc), and Submitting the application online. We hope this process is an invitation for […]

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The Rev. Shannon Kelly

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