Young Adult and Campus Ministry

Young Adult and Campus Ministries

EcoJustice 2011: Justin Cole reflects on his experience

November 10, 2014

Video by Justin Potter Filed under: EcoJustice

You're lookin' like GOD today!

November 10, 2014

It’s sometimes frustrating to see and feel the disconnect between Sunday worship and the rest of our lives.  So a couple weeks ago I decided to give our college ministry […]

Why Campus Ministry?

November 10, 2014

“Why do you want to do campus ministry?”  I got asked this question a lot as I navigated my way through the complicated discernment process I had to go through for […]

EcoJustice 2011: Spreading the Seeds of Eco-Justice

November 10, 2014

by Ashley Graham-Wilcox Converging from Massachusetts, Arizona and everywhere in between, 17 young adult members of the Episcopal Church gathered in Seattle last week for the first “Eco-Justice Immersion Experience,” […]


November 10, 2014

Campus might be the quietest place in the city this week. After all, it’s reading week. You know, that week when all the students get to read, catch up, cram, […]

Pepper Spray, Protests, Police, and Finals

November 10, 2014

People all over the world have seen video footage from November 18th, when a group of protesters here at UC Davis were sprayed in the face with pepper spray.  Justified […]

A little bit about me: 140 characters at a time!

November 10, 2014

I was asked to write a little bit about myself before I continue to contribute to this blog. I decided to just pull 25 tweets from my twitter feed that […]

Dear Freshman

November 10, 2014

Dear Freshman, Welcome to college!   You showed up on campus on a hot summer day with your parents and a minivan full of your effects. Packed neatly was your […]

Praying the Liturgy: A Literal Interpretation

November 10, 2014

Students who worship at the Absalom Jones Episcopal Center are not necessarily Episcopalian. In fact, many of them get their first introductions to a liturgical tradition via the Center. Because […]

Episcopal Campus Ministry at Atlanta's HBCU's

November 10, 2014

The Campus Ministry As I sit in my office typing this blog, a group of food service providers from Morehouse College are working with local labor organizers in our large […]

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