Genesis II: Re-Vision and Renew

The Practicing Community

The Practicing Community is a cohort of 12 congregations across The Episcopal Church who are already engaged in redevelopment.  This cohort meets online 2x/month to learn skills, collaborate as a cohort, and innovate new ways of being church today. The participants are supported by committed members of a Wisdom Community (mentors and coaches who will bring their experience of redevelopment for the sake of new ministries to bi-monthly meetings of participants).  

Genesis II: Re-Vision and Renew  highlights specific practices that strengthen parishes for the challenging, yet exciting, work of launching new ministries. We have a particular focus on the practice of building relationships with fellow parishioners and with the community around our churches. We see our COVID-19 realities and faithful responses to systemic racism as opportunities to practice the agility, adaptability, and neighborhood collaboration embedded in this project. We believe that it is in these relationships we discover the ways God is active in and around our congregation. To learn more about this opportunity click the invitation link below, or click here to apply to join the Practicing Community.

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