Genesis II: Re-Vision and Renew

What is Genesis II: Re-Vision and Renew?

Genesis II: Re-Vision and Renew is an innovative ministry redevelopment initiative strengthening parishes for the challenging, yet exciting, work of launching new ministries in their neighborhoods. We have a particular focus on the practice of building relationships with fellow parishioners and with our wider community. We believe that through these relationships we will discover the ways God is active in and around our congregations.  

In these challenging times, we see the need for community, and we see opportunity. We invite you to join us as we embrace brave change:

  • Explore new ways of being church by joining our “Tuesdays at 2 (Eastern)” weekly conversation and experimental redevelopment lab! No commitment necessary. Find more information about “Tuesdays at 2:00” at this link.
  • Hungry for coaching that moves your church more faithfully and more innovatively into your neighborhood? Click here to learn about our 6-month coaching cohorts. 
  • Practice innovative and relational team-based redevelopment with a group of 12 churches and experienced mentors and teachers from across the church. To learn more about this 15-month online school, called the Practicing Community click here.

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