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Glossary of Terms

Church Review and Ecclesiastical Register, The

This periodical was published under five different titles. It was at various times quarterly, monthly, and bimonthly. From Apr. 1848 until Apr. 1858, and from Apr. until Oct. 1889, it […]

Church Review, The

See Church Review and Ecclesiastical Register, The.

Church Standard, The

The weekly Standard of the Cross merged with The Church in 1892 to become The Church Standard. It was a weekly periodical published in Philadelphia. The first issue was published […]

Church Training and Deaconess House of the Diocese of Pennsylvania

The second training school for deaconesses in the Episcopal Church. It opened in Jan., 1891, in Philadelphia. It had a two-year course of study for women desiring to be deaconesses. […]

Church Weekly

In 1870 the Church Monthly of Boston became the Church Weekly of New York. It survived for only about one year.

Church Work

This journal was founded and edited by Mary Abbot Emery Twing to promote communication among women church workers. Its sub-title was “A Monthly Magazine for Church Workers,” and it was […]

Church, The

The community of faith headed by Christ, the body of Christ in the world (see 1 Cor 12:12-27; Eph 1:22-23, 4:12, 5:29-30). Baptism is full initiation into the church, and […]

Church’s Teaching Series, The

The Church's Teaching Series is a series of volumes written to provide adults with the basic content teaching of the Episcopal Church. The first series was done by an author's […]

Churching of Women

A liturgy for the purification or “churching” of women after childbirth, together with the presentation in church of the child. The rite is based on scriptural sources, especially the ritual […]

Churchman, Churchmanship

Before the sixteenth-century Reformation, when there was only one Christian church in England, the word “churchman” designated an ecclesiastic or clergyman. After the establishment of religious toleration in England by […]

Churchman, The

This weekly journal began publication on Mar. 26, 1831. It carried the slogan, “The Church of the Living God, the Pillar and Ground of the Truth.” In Nov. 1833, it […]

Churchman’s Magazine, The

The first regular periodical in the Episcopal Church. It began publication in Jan. 1804, at New Haven, Connecticut. Its full title was The Churchman's Monthly Magazine, or Treasury of Divine […]

Churchman’s Monthly Magazine, The

This journal described itself as a repository of religious, literary, and entertaining knowledge for the Christian family. It was published in New York from Jan. 1854, until Dec. 1861.

Cincinnati Summer School

Founded in 1923, the school was a joint project of the Department of Social Service of the National Council of the Episcopal Church and the Social Service Department of the […]

Circumcision, Feast of the

See Holy Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, The.

Claggett, Thomas John

(Oct. 2, 1743-Aug. 2, 1816). The first Bishop of Maryland and the first Episcopal bishop consecrated on American soil. He was born in Prince George's County, Maryland, and graduated from […]


(July 16, 1194-Aug. 11, 1253). She was born in Assisi, Italy. Clare came under the influence of St. Francis. On Mar. 18, 1212, she took the three monastic vows of […]

Clark, Lois Carter

(1910-Nov. 19, 1985). Leading Native American churchwoman. She was born in Council Hill, Oklahoma. Clark was a member of the Creek Nation and a longtime English teacher. She was a […]

Clark, Thomas March

(July 4, 1812-Sept. 7, 1903). Twelfth Presiding Bishop. He was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts. He graduated from Yale College in 1831 and worked for two years as a teacher. Clark […]

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