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We Sing of God: A Hymnal for Children

This hymnal, edited by Robert N. Roth and Nancy L. Roth, consists of 108 hymns or selections of service music from The Hymnal 1982 which were chosen with children's understanding […]

Wedding Ring

See Rings.

Wedel, Cynthia Clark

(Aug. 26, 1908-Aug. 24, 1986). First woman to serve as president of the National Council of Churches. Cynthia Clark was born in Dearborn, Michigan. She grew up in Evanston, Illinois. […]

Wedel, Theodore Otto

(Feb. 19, 1892-July 20, 1970). Preacher, lecturer, and educator. He was born in Halstead, Kansas. Wedel received his B.A. from Oberlin College in 1914, his M.A. from Harvard in 1915, […]

Wee Bookie

” Booklets printed for Scottish nonjuring Episcopalians that contained the liturgy of the table portion of the eucharistic rite. The first (1722) reproduced that of the 1637 Scottish BCP. Its […]

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

This observance began on St. Peter's Day, June 29, 1900, when Spencer Jones, a Church of England priest, preached a sermon on closer relations with the Church of Rome. Jones […]

Weems, Mason Locke

(Oct. 11, 1759-May 23, 1825). First person ordained by the Church of England for the Episcopal Church after the American Revolution. Weems was born near Herring Creek, Anne Arundel, Maryland. […]

Wendt, William Andrew

(b. Jan. 18, 1920). Leading advocate for the ordination of women in the Episcopal Church. He was born in Mitchell, South Dakota. Wendt received his B.A. from George Washington University […]

Wesley, Charles

(Dec. 18, 1708-Mar. 29, 1788). English hymn writer, priest, and missionary to colonial America. He was born in Epworth, England, the eighteenth child of Samuel and Susannah Wesley. Wesley graduated […]

Wesley, John

(June 17, 1703-Mar. 2, 1791). Generally considered the founder of Methodism. He was born in Epworth, England, the fifteenth of nineteen children born to Samuel and Susannah Wesley. He entered […]

Wesley, Samuel Sebastian

(Aug. 14, 1810-Apr. 19, 1876). English church musician and composer. He was born in London, the grandson of Charles Wesley. Wesley studied music at Oxford University and was organist at […]

West Tennessee, Diocese of

The 1982 General Convention voted to divide the Diocese of Tennessee into three dioceses-Tennessee, East Tennessee, and West Tennessee. The Diocese of West Tennessee includes the following counties: Benton, Carroll, […]

West Texas, Diocese of

On Oct. 26, 1874, the General Convention voted to divide the Diocese of Texas and form the Missionary District of Northern Texas and the Missionary District of Western Texas. The […]

West Virginia, Diocese of

West Virginia was part of the Diocese of Virginia until 1877. The General Convention of 1877 created the Diocese of West Virginia, which held its primary convention at St. John's […]

West, Edward Nason

(Nov. 5, 1909-Jan. 3, 1990). Leading theologian and liturgist. He was born in Boston. West received his B.S. from Boston University in 1931 and his B.D. from the General Theological […]

Western Colorado, Missionary District of

The 1892 General Convention voted to divide the Diocese of Colorado and establish the Missionary District of Western Colorado. The Missionary District of Western Colorado included the following counties: Archuleta, […]

Western Episcopal Observer

See Gambier Observer.

Western Episcopalian

This journal was published from Aug. 11, 1853, until June 25, 1868. It had various changes in ownership, editorship, name, and frequency of publication. It was succeeded and continued by […]

Western Kansas, Diocese of

The 1901 General Convention voted to divide the Diocese of Kansas and form a Missionary District in the western part of the state. It was named the Missionary District of […]

Western Louisiana, Diocese of

The 1979 General Convention voted to divide the Diocese of Louisiana and establish a new diocese. The primary convention of the new diocese met at St. James Church, Alexandria, on […]

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