African Descent Ministries

The Office of African Descent Ministries seeks to inspire, transform and empower the people of the African Diaspora to live fully into the Jesus Movement.

The history of contributions to The Episcopal Church by people of the African Diaspora is long and inspiring. The Church pays tribute to this legacy by supporting and fostering the growth and development of black communities through partnerships that reach across ethnic and racial boundaries, from the Episcopal provinces, dioceses, and deaneries to local worshipping communities.

Missional priorities of the Office of African Descent Ministries (ADM):

  • To provide an overview of and/or processes for developing congregations’ vitality through investment in people
  • To offer resources and support to congregations as they learn the skills to be adaptable and vital through modeling, mentoring, and regional events and academies
  • To educate and empower congregations and leaders to engage in processes for strategic revitalization
  • To offer scholarly support and mentoring
  • To develop and support lay and ordained leadership
  • To strengthen communities through partnerships and alliances
  • To connect congregations to resources that will foster vitality


Youth Leadership Academy

Black Students Scholarships

Discernment Academy


Professional Coaching

Congregational Programs for Revitalization (CPR)

Healing from Internalized Oppression



U.S. Virgin Islands Clergy Supply

Black Bishops of the Church

Registration for Retreats, Workshops, Convocations & Conferences

African Descent Ministries Convocations

Black Clergy and Congregation Directory

The Rev. Canon Ronald Byrd, Sr.

Meet the Missioner

The Rev. Canon Ronald Byrd, Sr. serves as The Episcopal Church Missioner for African Descent Ministries, and is a member of the Presiding Bishop’s staff. In previous ministries, Ron has worked with many kinds of Black congregations where he has focused on practical leadership development and congregational vitality.

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The Rev. Canon Ronald C. Byrd Sr.

Missioner for African Descent Ministries

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