The Way of Love

Practices for a Jesus-Centered Life

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A Year in the Way of Love

Amid a rapidly changing and turbulent world, the church can often lose sight of its reason for existing. Long-established traditions can be lost or changed seemingly overnight; our ability to take solace in familiar patterns and communal care can be upended. When we begin wondering why we are here and what we as the church can do, we might return to the most basic building blocks of our faith. We at The Episcopal Church invite you, your small group, and your congregation to a year (and longer!) of focusing on the Way of Love. When you begin intentionally building on those seven practices – turn, learn, pray, worship, bless, go, and rest – you can rediscover who you are, what we are here for, and to whom we ultimately belong. 

Life Transformed:
The Way of Love in Lent

Journeying the Way of Love: Advent Curriculum

Building Intentional Small Groups

Half-Day Way of Love Retreat Based on the Pattern of Morning Prayer
This half-day retreat, available in English, Spanish, and French, introduces the Way of Love within the framework of Morning Prayer. The curriculum offers both background information on the office and reflection questions, as we seek to incorporate prayer, formation, and the Way of Love into our daily lives. Because this is a brief introduction to the Way of Love, we recommend offering additional resources that can be taken home that will support people in their desire to engage in the Way of Love.

Introducing the Way of Love: Reflection Guide
Basics for reflecting and entering the Way of Love as an individual or in a group.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a rule of life? Where did the Way of Love come from? How does it relate to the Baptismal Covenant? Will it grow our church? Get answers to these and many more questions.

Diocesan Approaches to the Way of Love
Highlights from dioceses across the Church, organized around three phases of engagement: Educational (introducing the concept), Exploratory (learning together), and Normative (integrating into diocesan life).

One-Day Retreat Guide
A manual on how to host a locally facilitated experience designed to guide participants into reflection, practice, and personal commitment.

Liturgical Resources

Sample sermons, propers, an alternative lectionary, a blessing, a dismissal, and a commitment ritual – available for local use and adaptation.

A Covenant for Those Committing to the Way Of Love

Prayers of the People