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Staff Directory

Michael Collins

Manager, Multimedia Services
(212) 716-6018

The Rev. Carrie Combs

Legislative Data Specialist
(212) 716-6000 or (800) 334-7626

Lucia Conrado

Assistant Grants Manager

Christopher Cooper-Martin

Program Officer – Matching Grant – Quality Assurance

The Rev. David Copley

Director of Global Partnerships and Mission Personnel
(212) 922-5461

Michelle Corley

Travel Loan Specialist
(212) 716-6093 or (855) 266-0030

Iryna Himbitskaya Corley

Program Officer R&P Matching Grant
(800) 334-7626

Carlinthia Cox

Archivist for Records Administration and Information Management

Creation Care

Rebecca Crespo

Investment and Payment Specialist
(212) 716-6078

The Rev. Canon Mary Frances Crist

Indigenous Theological Education Coordinator

Margareth Crosnier de Bellaistre

Director, Investment Management and Banking
(212) 922-5293

The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry

Presiding Bishop and Primate
(212) 716-6273

Katherine Curtis

Associate for Pastoral Development

Darvin Darling

Director, Information Technology
(212) 716-6232

Bernice David

Communication Operations Manager
(212) 716-6059

Arlissa Dean

Assistant Controller
(212) 716-6193

Lindsey Delks

Policy Advisor
(202) 547-7300
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