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Southeastern Mexico, Diocese of

The 1904 General Convention established the Missionary District of Mexico. The 1972 General Convention divided the Missionary District of Mexico into the Missionary District of Central and South Mexico, the […]

Southern Brazil, Missionary District of

The mission to Brazil began on Aug. 31, 1889, when James Watson Morris (1859-1954) and Lucien Lee Kinsolving (1862-1929) sailed for Brazil as missionaries. On Oct. 20, 1898, the House […]

Southern Churchman

This journal began publication on Jan. 2, 1835, at Richmond, Virginia. It was published weekly, and had the motto: “Catholic For Every Truth of God. Protestant For Every Error of […]

Southern Episcopalian

1) This journal was published irregularly at Charleston, South Carolina, in 1854-1855, 1858-1859, and 1863. The first issue appeared on Apr. 1, 1854, and the last issue was dated Mar. […]

Southern Florida, Missionary District of

The General Convention of 1892 voted to divide the Diocese of Florida. The Missionary District of Southern Florida existed until 1923, when it became the Diocese of South Florida. See […]

Southern Ohio, Diocese of

The 1874 General Convention voted to divide the Diocese of Ohio. The primary convention of the Diocese of Southern Ohio was held at Trinity Church, Columbus, Jan. 13, 1875. It […]

Southern Philippines, Diocese of

The 1901 General Convention established the Missionary District of the Philippines. In 1973 the Missionary District of the Philippines was divided into three missionary districts. One of these was the […]

Southern Virginia, Diocese of

The 1892 General Convention voted to divide the Diocese of Virginia. The new diocese was the Diocese of Southern Virginia. It held its primary convention at St. Paul's Church, Lynchburg. […]

Southgate, Horatio

(July 5, 1812-Apr. 12, 1894). Missionary Bishop to Greece. He was born in Portland, Maine. Southgate graduated from Bowdoin College in 1832. He then entered Andover Theological Seminary to study […]

Southwest Florida, Diocese of

The General Convention of 1969 voted to divide the Diocese of Florida into three dioceses. One of the new dioceses was known as the Gulf Coast Diocese of Florida. It […]

Southwest, Missionary District of the

The 1835 General Convention nominated the Rev. Francis Lister Hawks to exercise episcopal functions in the State of Louisiana and in the Territories of Arkansas and Florida. Hawks declined the […]

Southwestern Brazil, Missionary District of

On Sept. 30, 1949, the House of Bishops divided the Missionary District of Southern Brazil into three missionary districts-Southwestern Brazil, Southern Brazil, and Central Brazil. On Oct. 20, 1964, the […]

Southwestern Diocese

The 1832 General Convention voted that the dioceses of Mississippi and Alabama, and the clergy and churches in the State of Louisiana could associate and join in the election of […]

Southwestern Virginia, Diocese of

The 1919 General Convention voted to divide the Diocese of Southern Virginia. The primary convention of the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia was held at St. John's Church, Roanoke, Dec. 10-11, […]

Spalding, Franklin Spencer

(Mar. 13, 1865-Sept. 25, 1914). A leading advocate of the Social Gospel, known as the “socialist bishop.” He was born in Erie, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Princeton in 1887 and […]

Sparrow, William

(Mar. 12, 1801-Jan. 17, 1874). Leading evangelical theologian and opponent of Tractarianism. He was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts. His family moved to Huron County, Ohio, and Sparrow became involved with […]

Spirit of Missions, The

This monthly journal was published by the Board of Missions of the Episcopal Church. The first issue appeared in Jan. 1836, and the last issue appeared in Dec. 1939. It […]

Spiritual Director

A person, lay or ordained, with whom one communicates concerning the spiritual life may also be known as a soul-friend, soul-mate, or spiritual companion. A director listens and, when appropriate, […]

Spiritual Gifts

Also called charisms, and partially listed in 1 Cor 12:4-11, these are graces granted by the Holy Spirit to empower the faithful to perform specific tasks. Called gratiae gratis datae […]


An interest and intentional participation in the spiritual life, providing a context for open and direct experience of God and the entire spiritual realm at an intensely personal level. Spirituality […]

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