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Episcopal Ad Project

This ministry was started at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Minneapolis, in 1978. The Rev. Dr. George Harvey Martin, the rector, asked for help from advertising professionals to write ads which […]

Episcopal Church Annual, The

An annual directory of the Episcopal Church. It contains the names and addresses of all parishes and diocesan offices, bishops, priests and deacons, seminaries, publications, conference centers, social agencies, religious […]

Episcopal Church Center

The national headquarters for the Episcopal Church, located in New York City. It includes the executive offices of the Presiding Bishop. It is the place where the fiduciary responsibilities for […]

Episcopal Church Flag and Seal

On Oct. 16, 1940, the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies adopted an official flag for the Episcopal Church. This was the 251st anniversary of the day the […]

Episcopal Church News

(Jan27, 1952-Aug. 18, 1957). This journal continued The Southern Churchman, which began publication in 1835. The first volume of Episcopal Churchnews was published on Jan. 27, 1952. It was weekly […]

Episcopal Church Seal

See Episcopal Church Flag and Seal.

Episcopal Church, The

A conference of three clergy and twenty-four lay delegates met at Chestertown, Kent County, Maryland, on Nov. 9, 1780, and resolved that "the Church formerly known in the Province as […]

Episcopal Clerical Directory

A compilation of clergy biographies was first published in 1898. Over the years it was variously called Lloyd's Clerical Directory, The American Church Directory, and Stowe's Clerical Directory. In 1956 […]

Episcopal Divinity School (EDS)

EDS was established at Cambridge, Massachusetts, on June 6, 1974, by the merger of the Philadelphia Divinity School and the Episcopal Theological School, Cambridge, with the encouragement of the Episcopal […]

Episcopal Evangelical Journal, The

It is published by the Fellowship of Witness, the American branch of the Evangelical Fellowship of the Anglican Communion. The first issue appeared in July 1994.

Episcopal High School, Alexandria, Virginia

In 1831 the widow of William Holland Wilmer opened a school adjacent to Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia. The school was in a house called Howard, and it was […]

Episcopal Lay-Leadership Directory

Conceived as the lay ministry companion volume to the Episcopal Clerical Directory, this resource contained detailed biographical information about lay leaders in the Episcopal Church. First published in 1980 by […]

Episcopal Life

This monthly journal is an official publication of the Episcopal Church “that seeks faithfully and fully to support the whole life of the Church and its mission, encouraging all people […]

Episcopal Recorder, The

This weekly publication was a leading periodical standing for low church evangelical principles. It began publication on June 22, 1822, in Philadelphia, under the name The Church Record. With the […]

Episcopal Ring

A ring worn by a bishop as a sign of the bishop's office. It is worn on the third finger of the right hand. It is one of the traditional […]

Episcopal Services

Services in which a bishop presides. A bishop presides at Confirmation/Reception/Reaffirmation (BCP, p. 413), and a bishop may preside or officiate at any service. A section of the BCP is […]

Episcopal Theological School (ETS)

Predecessor to Episcopal Divinity School. The school was founded at Cambridge, Massachusetts, by a group of prominent Boston businessmen in 1867 to be a place of preparation for holy orders […]

Episcopal Theological School at Claremont (Bloy House)

A diocesan seminary which was originally begun in 1958 as an extension program through the Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP) in the Diocese of Los Angeles. CDSP intended […]

Episcopal Theological Seminary in Kentucky

Former diocesan seminary. It was founded in 1834 at Lexington by Bishop Benjamin Bosworth Smith to educate clergy for the western frontier. The school was granted a charter on Feb. […]

Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Caribbean, San Juan, Puerto Rico

The seminary was founded in 1961, and its chapel was dedicated on Jan. 11, 1962, by Presiding Bishop Arthur Lichtenberger. The seminary trained more than seventy persons for ministry. It […]

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