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Cuernavaca, Diocese of

This diocese was established in 1989. Jose Guadalupe Saucedo, Bishop of Central and South Mexico, became its first bishop. The General Convention of 1994 granted the five Mexican dioceses, including […]

Cully, Kendig Brubaker

(Nov. 30, 1913-Mar. 29, 1987). Leading Christian educator, editor, and seminary administrator. He was born in Millersville, Pennsylvania, and received his B.A. from American International College in 1934; and his […]

Cummings, Archibald

(d. Apr. 19, 1741). Commissary to Pennsylvania. He arrived in Philadelphia from England on Sept. 8, 1726. The next day he began his ministry as fifth rector of Christ Church […]

Cummins, George David

(Dec. 11, 1822-June 26, 1876). First Presiding Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church. He was born near Smyrna, Delaware. Cummins received his B.A. from Dickinson College in 1841. From 1842 […]


(c. 625-Mar. 20, 687). Bishop and hermit. He was born on Farne Island, near Bamborough, Northumberland, England. In 651 Cuthbert went to the monastery at Old Melrose and became a […]

Cutler, Timothy

(May 31, 1684-Aug. 17, 1765). Participant in the “Yale Apostasy.” He was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, and graduated from Harvard College in 1701. From 1710 to 1719, he was the […]

Cuttington University College-in-Exile (Lawrenceville, Virginia)

Cuttington University College in Suacoco, Liberia, was forced to close in 1989 because of the civil war in Liberia. The college president, Dr. Melvin J. Mason, and many friends of […]

Cuttington University College, Liberia

It was founded on Feb. 22, 1889, as Hoffman Institute at Harper, Liberia, by Bishop Samuel David Ferguson (1842-1916). In 1897 a divinity school was added and the name was […]


(200-Sept. 14, 258). Martyr and theologian of church unity. Also known as Thascius Caecilianus Cyprianus, he was converted to Christianity in 245 or 246. He was ordained a presbyter and […]


(826-869) and Methodius (c. 815-885). Known as the “Apostles of the Slavs,” these two brothers were from Thessalonica. After their ordinations to the priesthood they went to Constantinople. Cyril was […]

Cyril of Jerusalem

(c. 315-c. 386). Bishop and Doctor of the Church. He was probably ordained deacon around 330 and priest about 343. From 348 until 386, Cyril was the Bishop of Jerusalem. […]


C.M. (The Doctor of Church Music degree. It presupposes a master's degree in church music from a school that follows the guidelines of the National Association of Schools of Music.

D.D. Doctor of Divinity

D. Doctor of Divinity( An honorary degree that may be awarded by a seminary to a member of the clergy or laity in recognition of significant contributions to the church. […]


H.L( The Doctor of Hebrew Letters presupposes a first theological degree and is to equip persons for teaching and research in theological seminaries, colleges, and universities.


M.A(The Doctor of Musical Arts degree presupposes a master's degree in church music from a school that follows the guidelines of the National Association of Schools of Music.


Min(The Doctor of Ministry degree presupposes the M. Div. degree and constitutes an advanced professional degree at the doctoral level with an emphasis on the profession and practice of ministry.


Miss(The Doctor of Missiology degree is a two-year, part M. Div. professional degree for missionaries interested in advanced training in cross-cultural ministries. It was first developed by Roman Catholic schools.


S.M( Sometimes referred to as S.M.D., the Doctor of Sacred Music degree presupposes a master's degree in church music from a school that follows the guidelines of the National Association […]


V.( Deo Volente, Latin for “God willing.” This abbreviation sometimes appears on formal announcements for celebrations and events such as an ordination.

Daily Evening Prayer

See Evening Prayer.

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