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Doctrine of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist associated with the theology of Martin Luther. It teaches that after the consecration the substance of the Body and Blood […]


A form of mental prayer in which meditation and petition give way to quiet adoration of the mysteries of God. Contemplation is the fruit of divine grace. It comes after […]

Contemplative Order

A religious community that is primarily devoted to the contemplative life. The Benedictine Order exists in the Anglican Communion, including St. Gregory's Abbey (“Three Rivers”) in the Episcopal Church. Contemplative […]


Full repentance for sin and a firm intention for amendment of life. Contrition is motivated by love of God, causing the penitent to regret sin as evidence of a turning […]


The term may refer either to a religious community or the building where the community lives. The term is most frequently applied to a community of nuns, although it may […]


An experience or process whereby an individual comes to belief in Christ as Savior and Lord. In Protestant Christianity, conversion usually emphasizes an adult experience of sudden or dramatic change. […]

Conversion of Saint Paul the Apostle, The

The conversion of Paul to Christianity is so important that the story is told three times in Acts, and Paul mentions the experience three times in his letters. An observance […]


1) In the Episcopal Church, a meeting of clergy and lay representatives from a section or area of a diocese. The term may also indicate the section or area of […]

Convocation of American Churches in Europe

The convocation is under the jurisdiction of the Presiding Bishop. Its history goes back to 1859, when an American Episcopal congregation in Paris, France, was recognized by the Episcopal Church […]

Cooper, Susan Augusta Fenimore

(Apr. 17, 1813-Dec. 31, 1894). Author and churchwoman. She was born in Heathcote Hill, Mamaroneck, New York, and privately educated. She was the daughter of the novelist James Fenimore Cooper, […]

Cornelius the Centurion

He and his household were the first known Gentile converts to the Christian faith. Cornelius was stationed at Caesarea in Palestine. The story of the conversion and baptism of Cornelius […]

Corporeal Presence

A term stating that Christ is physically present in the consecrated elements of the eucharist. It is not to be confused with the doctrine of the “real presence,” which holds […]

Corpus Christi, Feast of

  This feast commemorates the institution of the eucharist by Jesus on the night of his betrayal and arrest. It is often associated with a festive procession that follows the […]

Corrigan, Daniel

(Oct. 25, 1900-Sept. 21, 1994). One of three bishops who first ordained women. He was born in Rochester, Minnesota, and received his B.D. from Nashotah House in 1925. He was […]

Costa Rica, Missionary District of

The House of Bishops created the Missionary District of Costa Rica on Sept. 18, 1967. It was a Missionary District of the Episcopal Church until Sept. 1976, when the General […]

Course of Ecclesiastical Studies

” As early as 1801, the House of Deputies had tried to standardize the academic preparation of candidates for ordination by requesting the House of Bishops to prepare an official […]

Court for the Trial of a Bishop

It has original jurisdiction to try all Presentments made against a bishop which have been approved for trial by the Board of Inquiry, which is a body serving to conduct […]

Court of Review of the Trial of a Bishop

The court has appellate jurisdiction to hear all appeals from a convicted bishop. In cases involving holding and teaching doctrine contrary to that of the church, it may hear appeals […]


A binding agreement that is freely entered into by two or more parties. The parties to this solemn agreement may be individuals or groups of people. They may be of […]

Coverdale, Miles

(1488-Jan. 20, 1569). Reformation-era Bible translator. He was probably born in what is called Cover-dale in that part of Yorkshire known as Richmondshire. He studied at Cambridge and was ordained […]

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