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Fish (Christian Symbol)



A large vessel with handle and spout, shaped like a pitcher. It is used as a container for wine or water at the eucharist. It may be made of metal, […]

Fletcher, Joseph Francis

(Apr. 10, 1905-Oct. 28, 1991). Leading proponent of situation ethics. He was born in Newark, New Jersey. He received his B.A. from the University of West Virginia in 1929 and […]

Florida, Diocese of

The primary convention of this diocese met at St. John's Church, Tallahassee, on Jan. 17, 1838. However, the diocese did not consecrate a bishop until Oct. 15, 1851. On May […]

Flushing Institute

A school for boys founded by William Augustus Muhlenberg. Muhlenberg resigned as rector of St. James' Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1826, and moved to Flushing, Long Island. He became supply […]

Fond du Lac Circus

” Pejorative name given to the ceremony in which Reginald Heber Weller was consecrated Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of Fond du Lac on Nov. 8, 1900. Charles C. Grafton […]

Fond du Lac, Diocese of

The General Convention of 1874 voted to divide the Diocese of Wisconsin. The primary convention of the Diocese of Fond du Lac met at St. Paul's Church, Fond du Lac, […]


The term comes from the Latin fons, “spring of water,” and designates a receptacle for baptismal water. Fonts in the early church were pools or sunken basins, often in the […]

Foot Washing

The washing of feet was a menial act of hospitality in the OT (see Gn 18:4, 19:2). It was often performed for guests by a servant or the wife of […]

Forbes, John Murray

(May 5, 1807-Oct. 11, 1885). Controversial priest and seminary dean. He was born in New York City. Forbes graduated from Columbia College in 1827 and from the General Theological Seminary […]


To forgive is to give up or absolve legitimate claims upon another, as when a debt is forgiven. In forgiveness, a relationship is restored or renewed. Central to Christian faith […]

Form (Sacramental)

In sacramental theology, the words of prayer that express the meaning of the sacrament and the matter used in the sacrament. The words and the matter of the sacrament constitute […]

Form Criticism

A scholarly method used for the interpretation of biblical texts. A form is a passage or unit of biblical material. It has a structure that is considered self-consistent. Units include […]

Fort Valley College, Georgia

Predecessor to Fort Valley State College. The Fort Valley High and Industrial School at Fort Valley, Georgia, was chartered in 1895. Under its second principal, Henry A. Hunt (d. 1938), […]

Fort Worth, Diocese of

The General Convention of 1982 voted to divide the Diocese of Dallas and establish a new diocese. At that time it was named the Western Diocese. The primary convention met […]


This publication began in Jan. 1940 and continued until Mar. 1960. It was published by the National Council of the Episcopal Church and described itself as the “official organ of […]

Fortunatus, Venantius Honorius

(c. 535-c. 600). Latin poet born near Trevisco, Italy. Fortunatus received a classic education in rhetoric, grammar, and law at Ravenna. About 565 he went to Tours to give thanks […]

Forward Movement Publications

See Forward Movement.

Fosbroke, Hughell Edgar Woodall

(Apr. 5, 1875-Oct. 18, 1957). Biblical scholar and seminary professor. He was born in Netherton, Worcestershire, England. His family came to the United States in 1890. He was a student […]

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