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Glossary of Terms

Micks, Marianne Hoffman

(Apr. 30, 1923-Nov. 4, 1997). Theologian and seminary professor. She was born in Seneca Falls, New York. Micks received her A.B. from Smith College in 1945, and her M.R.E. from […]

Micou, Richard Wilde

(June 12, 1848-June 4, 1912). Theologian and seminary professor. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Micou studied at the Universities of Georgia, Alabama, Erlangen, Bavaria, Edinburgh, and the General […]

Micronesia, Episcopal Church in

This small Episcopal Church is under the jurisdiction of the Presiding Bishop, who appoints another bishop to exercise the episcopate there. Bishops appointed by the Presiding Bishop have been the […]

Miles, James Warley

(Nov. 24, 1818-Sept. 14, 1875). Priest and theologian. Miles was the leading intellectual figure of the Episcopal Church in the South in the mid-nineteenth century. He was born on his […]


The belief that the second coming of Christ will bring a thousand-year reign of justice, happiness, and peace. It is also known as Chiliasm. The term is from the Latin […]

Milnor, James

(June 20, 1773-Apr. 8, 1844). A leading evangelical and an opponent of the Oxford Movement. He was born in Philadelphia and studied law and theology at the University of Pennsylvania. […]

Milwaukee, Diocese of

The clergy in the territory of Wisconsin requested on Apr. 30, 1836, that Wisconsin be put under the jurisdiction of Missionary Bishop Jackson Kemper. The House of Bishops granted this […]


One who shares in the ministry of the church. The ministers of the church are lay people, bishops, priests, and deacons (BCP, p. 855). Christian ministry is based in baptism, […]

Ministration at the Time of Death

The BCP provides prayers and forms for Ministration at the Time of Death (pp. 462-467). When a person is near death, the minister of the congregation should be notified so […]

Ministration to the Sick

A pastoral office of the church. In its basic form the service is an abbreviated eucharist, including a rite for laying on of hands and anointing. The priest may suggest […]


From the Latin mini, “lesser.” The term has the same form as the Latin magister, from magis, “greater,” meaning “master” or “teacher.” Ministry appears in the Vulgate translation of Mt […]

Ministry for Tomorrow

The title of the Report of the Special Committee on Theological Education which was chaired by Nathan M. Pusey. Ministry for Tomorrow was published by the Episcopal Church Foundation. It […]

Ministry in Higher Education

A program area of the Episcopal Church on the national level. It coordinates the ministries of the church in university and college settings.

Ministry of the Word

See Liturgy of the Word.

Minnesota, Diocese of

The Diocese of Minnesota was organized on Sept. 16, 1857, at Christ Church, St. Paul. On July 16, 1862, Bishop Henry Benjamin Whipple laid the cornerstone of the Cathedral of […]

Minor Orders

Ministries such as porter (doorkeeper), lector, exorcist, and acolyte which were transitory steps that led to the major orders of deacon, priest, and bishop. The minor orders date from at […]


Described in the NT as powers, signs, portents, and strange things. A miracle is an event in time that is perceived by the senses of those who witness it. Miracles […]

Miriam, Song of

One of the oldest fragments of Hebrew poetry. Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron (Nm 26:59), was a prophetess who celebrated the deliverance of Israel from the Egyptians with […]


A ledge or rest on the underside of a hinged seat in a choir stall. It was designed to provide “merciful” support for monks or others needing help to stand […]


An altar book that provides all the textual materials needed for celebration of the Holy Eucharist. It includes liturgical texts and directions, readings, additional prayers, hymns, and musical notations. This […]

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