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The church’s public worship of God. The term is derived from Greek words for “people” and “work.” The church’s public worship of God is the work of the Christian people. […]

Liturgy and Music, Standing Commission on

An interim body of the General Convention created in 1997. This commission combines the work and responsibilities of two previous bodies, the Standing Liturgical Commission and the Standing Commission on […]

Liturgy of the Eucharist

The second half of the eucharistic service, from the offertory to the end of the eucharistic rite. It is also known as the liturgy of the table. It is named […]

Liturgy of the Lord’s Supper was presented to the 1967 General Convention and approved for trial use

It was also in 1967 that the General Convention approved the constitutional change allowing trial use for liturgical revision. Responses to this eucharistic rite influenced Services for Trial Use, a […]

Liturgy of the Lord’s Supper, The (1966)

A book containing a eucharistic rite for trial use, along with study materials concerning the process of liturgical revision, the problem of liturgical norms, new perspectives in liturgical renewal, and […]

Liturgy of the Table

A convenient, frequently used term for the portion of the eucharistic rite which is celebrated at the altar (holy table), titled “The Holy Communion” in the BCP. It consists of […]

Liturgy of the Word

The first part of the eucharist, centered upon the proclamation of the Word of God, preceding the Great Thanksgiving. The BCP identifies this part of the eucharist as the Word […]

Living Church Annual, The

See Episcopal Church Annual, The.

Living Church, The

A weekly magazine dedicated to serving the Episcopal Church, The Living Church was founded in 1878 and published in Chicago under the editorship of the Rev. Charles W. Leffingwell. It […]

Living the Good News, or Colorado Curriculum

A Christian education curriculum based on the common lectionary. It was begun in the Diocese of Colorado in 1976 as a six-week program. It is sometimes referred to as the […]

Lloyd, Arthur Selden

(May 3, 1857-July 22, 1936). Bishop and president of the Board of Missions. He was born in Mt. Ada, Alexandria County, Virginia. Lloyd received his B.A. in 1877 from the […]

Lloyd’s Clerical Directory

In 1898 the Rev. Frederick Ebenezer John Lloyd, rector of Trinity Church, Hamilton, Ohio, published a volume patterned on the English Crockford's Clerical Directory. It was entitled Lloyd's Clerical Directory […]

Local priest

See Canon 9 clergy.

Locum tenens

A member of the clergy who temporarily fills the office of another. From the Latin, “to hold a place.” A substitute or deputy. The position may be known as a […]


Greek for “word,” used in various senses. The term is used for the Christian message or kerygma, which is the proclamation of God's saving act in Jesus Christ. It is […]

London Company

See Virginia Company of London.

London, Bishop of

From the earliest days of the Virginia colony the Bishop of London had a vague responsibility for the Church of England in the American colonies. This may have been because […]

Long Island, Diocese of

The 1868 General Convention voted to divide the Diocese of New York and establish a new diocese. The new diocese included the following counties: Brooklyn, Nassau, Queens, and Suffolk. The […]

Lord, have mercy or with silent prayer

Audible intercession virtually disappeared from the Mass in the west during the middle ages, until Cranmer revived it in his "prayer for the whole state of Christ's Church." In Cranmer's […]

Lord, The

The term is an English translation of several words from Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek indicating a person or deity with power and authority. The Hebrew Adon indicates a superior or […]

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