Office of Government Relations

How do you engage?

Our advocacy becomes stronger with your help. Join these initiatives below to help amplify our advocacy and civic engagement efforts across the U.S. Some require quick weekly engagement, while others are chances to step up as volunteers for our office.

Take action with Episcopalians across the U.S. through our EPPN Action Alerts! Write your members of Congress and other government officials on critical matters of policy and legislation.

If you haven’t already, join the Office of Government Relations (OGR) for a 30-minute, weekly conversation to stay up-to-date on and ask questions about current legislation and policy during our Weekly Network Calls Thursdays 1:00-1:30 pm ET.

We also offer a Network at Night monthly EPPN call at 7:30 pm ET the first Thursday of every month. If you are unable to attend our weekly EPPN calls at 1 pm ET, we hope this additional time slot will make our updates more accessible.

Go deeper into a single subject by joining one of our virtual webinars including the Closer Looks with OGR. Expand your capacity for advocacy by tuning in to a virtual (and sometimes in person!) advocacy, civic engagement, or civil discourse training. Upcoming network-wide events will be posted to our events page, or you can reach out to our office to learn more about local opportunities at

Volunteer with our Election Activator Program! Help promote and facilitate local non-partisan voter engagement efforts in U.S. elections!

Volunteer with our EPPN Ambassador Program! Help amplify our messaging on advocacy, education, and civic engagement in your part of the U.S.

The Office of Government Relations