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St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Buffalo, NY

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The Episcopal Diocese of California supports the work of Episcopal churches, ministries, schools, and people in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Central Ecuador

The Episcopal Diocese of Central Ecuador is headquartered in Quito.

Central Florida

The Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida, created in 1969, is bounded on the north by the Episcopal Diocese of Florida, on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, on the south by the dioceses of Southeast Florida and Southwest Florida, and on the west by the Gulf of Mexico.

Central Gulf Coast

Created in 1970 from portions of the adjoining dioceses of Alabama and Florida. Its territory covers the southern third of Alabama and the Florida Panhandle region, west of the Appalachicola River.

Central New York

The Episcopal Diocese of Central New York extends from Alexandria Bay in the far north, which is just under the Canadian border, to Wellsburg and Waverly, whose parishes rest nearly on the Pennsylvania state line. 

Central Pennsylvania

The Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania comprises 17,500 members and 71 congregations in the central region of Pennsylvania. 


The Episcopal Diocese of Chicago comprises 40,000 members and 125 congregations.


The Episcopal Diocese of Colombia is headquartered in Bogota.


The Episcopal Diocese of Colorado comprises 97 congregations and covers five regions: Western, Mountain, Sangre de Cristo, Front Range, and High Plains.


We are home to about 60,000 people in 168 parishes. Together, we are a community devoted to participating in and understanding our roles within God’s mission. Wherever you are on your faith journey, we invite you to learn more about us, to worship with us, and to join us!

Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe

The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe is a collection of churches, mission congregations, and specialized ministries spread geographically over several countries in continental Europe. The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is located in the centre of Paris.


The Episcopal Church of Cuba has functioned as an autonomous diocese of the Anglican Communion under the authority of the Metropolitan Council of Cuba since its separation from The Episcopal Church in 1967 due to the disintegration of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States. In 2018, it rejoined The Episcopal Church as the Diocese of Cuba.