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San Diego

The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego was established in 1974, when it separated from the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. The Diocese of San Diego comprises 20,000 members and 45 congregations, and it extends from Murrieta to the Mexican border, and from the Pacific Ocean to Yuma, Arizona.

San Joaquin

The Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin is located in central California, and its administrative headquarters are in Modesto, California.

South Carolina

The Episcopal Church in South Carolina has reorganized and is carrying forward the work of our Lord Jesus Christ, just as generations of Episcopalians in South Carolina have done since 1789, confident that by moving forward together in unity and faith, with God’s help, we will flourish.

South Dakota

The Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota comprises 76 congregations in South Dakota, two congregations in Nebraska, and one congregation in Minnesota. Approximately half of the 12,000 baptized Episcopalians in South Dakota are either Dakota or Lakota Sioux, and the diocese also includes two congregations composed of Sudanese immigrants.

Southeast Florida

The Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida extends from Key West on the south, to Jensen Beach on the north and inland to Clewiston on the west and includes Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin counties, along with the Florida Keys portion of Monroe County and the eastern part of Hendry County.

Southern Ohio

The Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, created in 1875, comprises 89 congregations covering the southern portion of Ohio.

Southern Virginia

The Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia, formed in 1892, has over 30,000 members, 105 congregations: 85 parishes, 19 missions and one ecumenical community. It stretches from the Atlantic Ocean westward to Dan River, and from the south side of the James River at Richmond to the North Carolina border.

Southwest Florida

The Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida extends along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, with its northernmost congregation in Brooksville and its most southern on Marco Island. The diocese comprises approximately 39,000 members and 79 congregations.

Southwestern Virginia

The Episcopal Diocese of Southwestern Virginia, created in 1919 in the southwestern corner of Virginia, contains two-thirds of the state. The diocese has 56 parishes and includes the cities of Lynchburg and Roanoke.


The Episcopal Diocese of Spokane comprises 36 congregations and encompasses all of Washington State east of the Cascades and the northern Idaho panhandle.


The Episcopal Diocese of Springfield was founded when the former Diocese of Illinois split into three separate Dioceses: Springfield, Quincy, and Chicago. The Diocese of Springfield includes the area east of the Illinois River and Woodford, Livingston, Ford, and Iroquois counties, and comprises 40 congregations, of which 20 are parishes (self-supporting churches) and the other 20 are missions.