Angela's Notes from Haiti

Ms. Angela Galbreath is serving in the Diocese of Haiti. 

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Gaz Kole (pedal to the metal)

Three weeks I spent in the States and the progress I find in Port au Prince on my return is remarkable. It’s hard to tell if it’s remarkable just because I have been away or because the month of September brought a turning point in the city.
Heading down Delmas, the ... [Read More]
Duffman in Africa

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The Problem of Fifteen

     I was talking with my friend Rikki, before she moved to Kigali, just talking about things in general.  Juba, being a city of transients, always has a lively dating scene, couples constantly getting together and breaking-up.  It's almost a sport - a blood sport, really - keeping up with ... [Read More]
Ellen Hanckel

Ellen's Juba Journey - Fall 2013

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Safely Home with a 'Hope Chest' of Stories To Tell

Dear Friends & Family, Thankfully, I am home safely. For that I am grateful. Yet, I am sad as I write because of the recent violence in Juba. The news reports tell the story of conflict which has gone out of control and crossed the line into violence. Many people are ... [Read More]
Fr. Bob in Nzara

The Rev. Robert North, Diocese of Chicago, is serving in the Diocese of Nzara, Church of the Province of Sudan.

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Two things that are quite different about church life here in Sudan, as compared to the U.S., are the numbers and the stewardship. Our churches in the US typically do not have very large congregations. Here in Sudan a typical parish will have 300 to 400 in attendance ... [Read More]
Herb B.'s Gospel and Our Good Shepherds' Tales

The fox told the Little Prince,"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye." Only a compassionate heart sees beyond the self. Herb B.

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Calendar for Lent, Easter, Day of Pentecost 2016February 28   3rd Sunday in Lent         Combined Chinese/English ServiceMarch 6             4st Sunday in Lent         March 13              5nd Sunday in LentMarch 20              Palm SundayMarch 24          Maundy Thursday   Agape Feast and Foot Washing                      Combined Eng/Chinese Service   7PMMarch 25       Good Friday Noon Combined Service (12PM) March 26       Easter Vigil at 8PMMarch 27              Easter     0930 AM   English Congregation Easter Brunch                         11AM, and 1PM Easter Eggs April 3             2nd Sunday of ... [Read More]
Life on the Nile

Lynne E Chandler was born in Senegal, West Africa and spent her childhood years in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the United States.  She studied cultural anthropology in university and plays the concert harp for fun.  She has one husband, two kids and an old African dog.

My Life Out of Three Suitcases

Ms. Deborah Neal, Diocese of Los Angeles, is serving in the Diocese of Jerusalem, Church of the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East. 

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‘Lest we forget Jerusalem’

A Fond Farewell It is said that all good things must come to an end but in truth good things continue to happen – just in new places and in different ways.  My time in Jerusalem has now been completed, as I always knew it would.  The time has flown by ... [Read More]
Show us what there yet can be

We're Tom and Dianne Wilson, parishioners of St Francis Episcopal Church in Holden, MA. We'll be living in the community of El Maizal, El Salvador for the next three years as missionaries.

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Beatificación de Monseñor Romero

What a wonderful 3 day event it was as we attended Monsignor Romero’s Beatification.  If you are not familiar with Monsignor Romero you can read a brief history here First I want to thank The CIS (Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad) an NGO that has been serving the Salvadoran ... [Read More]
Ted Abroad: An Episcopal Mission Blog

The Rev. Dr. Ted Gaiser, Ph.D., Diocese of Massachusetts, is serving in the Diocese of Colombia.

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Transitioning Home

After a service/mission-related trip the majority of participants have some sense of what many of us refer to as culture shock. Professionals note that culture shock is something we can experience both during our trip as well as upon our return home, or what is usually referred to as reverse ... [Read More]
The Snow Scoop

Dear Friends in Christ: In 1995 we answered God's call to serve the people Iglesia Episcopal Dominican - Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic. Bishop Julio Cesar Holguín assigned us to work in the Diocesan Office, and also assigned Bob to severe the people of Epiphany Church which is near the office

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For all those who ...Traveled to the DR to share in the lives of their Christian brothers and sisters. . .Prayed for us and our ministry in the DR . . . provided the financial support we needed during our 16 years of mission service. . . for our ... [Read More]