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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for the soul of beloved mom Margaret (d. 2/19/99). Thank you!
- Brian C.
Please pray for me and my family. My girlfriend is ill, her daughter has issues and I'm trying to get a better job.
- Richard H.
Please pray for my friend Britta's granddaughter Lucia who is battling anorexia and is down to 85 pounds. That she may be able to gain enough weight to leave the facility in time for the school year.
- Karla F.
I ask for prayers that I get a job that I applied for today. My family has been suffering due to my underemployment. My family needs me to get this job. I ask this in the name of the Heavenly Father, Amen.
- Craig H
Bless all the Andersons, especially Marie and Augustina and their extended families, now and forever, Amen.
- Kate S.
Dear Lord Please watch over your son Don Allow him to be with you and by your side. Take away his pain and allow him to enter the kingdom of Heaven
- Karen and Clay L.
peace in the holy land
- The Rev. Vicki K. Hesse
Please pray for my great grandmother Katherine. She is sick and in a nursing home and doesn't have a lot of time left.
- Matthew H.
Please pray for the United States troops that are still over in Afghanistan fighting in war. Let them make it home safely by the grace of the lord.
- John S.