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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
For Claire, may her heart and eyes be open to God's clarity, compassion, calm, charity, closeness, courtesy, and comfort. May she know that God loves her very deeply. And may she also know that her Dad and Mom love her very deeply.
- Mom
Asking for prayers that my son's heart be open to those near him who are hurt. And that he relies on God and not on his own abilities in taking care of family members. With God, there is healing, forgiveness, spiritual growth and true love. May God's presence, power and peace be within my family.
- Joanne
Prayers for Rob that he may turn to God's heart, will and understanding to seek healing and family reconciliation. Pray that Rob 'let go and let God' and lets go of his own control and allows God to take the wheel. And pray for openness of voice and heart to allow healing and God's grace in our family.
- Beth
Prayers for Doug that he can know Jesus' forgiveness to forgive and be forgiven. And that Doug be healed from his childhood hurts and seek spiritual counseling to grow in God's grace. May Doug be open to communicate so that he can be forgiven and ask for forgiveness to heal and grow.
- Beth
For healing for Michael Terence
- Margaret G.
I am praying for Christ the Lord Episcopal Church, its members, vestry, deacons, and Rector.
- Earl C
Please pray for Will & Sara as they struggle with crucial family decisions. May God bless all families.
- Martin T Harris
Prayers for peace and compassion in my family. And that family members look for ways to inspire and care for each other.
- Beth
Prayers for Doug, that he may find forgiveness in his heart, so that he can heal the hurts of his childhood. And be able to grow in his spiritual life.
- Beth