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For god to guide and lead me. May I find my true purpose here on earth.
- Alysia E.
Please pray for me, not losing my health again, no more death expirience.
- Dmitry B
That we have the resources to meet our needs, keeping and caring for our home and family.
- Cary S.
May the loving, generous spirit of Stanley T. Winarski rest in peace, and may his family and many friends receive comfort.
- Anita H.
That I can get my tooth surgically removed. The clinic and the surgeon are giving me the runaround back and forth while my tooth hurts.
- Darr N. Sigilman
i pray for a job
- crystal
Pray that God will bless my ministry at the prison as I serve here that the prisoners needs will be met
Please pray for my friend Katherine Keffer Day that she is in the arms of God in Heaven.
- Kathryn S.
Please pray for me to have patience, understanding and God's wisdom in dealing with the stress this week.
- Linda B