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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
God, I Thank You for guiding and protecting Me on this Journey and I Continue to Give Thanks and Praise for the Miracles You You Bless Us with Daily. I continue to Pray that You Fill My Heart with Love, Peace, Humility and Strength Every Day. I Thank You for Courage and Loving Guidance to Communicate and Share The Gift of Your Love and Word, Through My Service and Acts of Kindness and Good Deeds as I Live Each Day of My Life. Amen.
- Michele L
Thank You God for surrounding my mother, Mary Anne, with Your GRACE and Protection as she undergoes medical tests. Thank You, Jesus and Mary for surrounding her with your Love and Joy as she goes through each day and faces life's challenges. Amen.
- Michele L
Please pray for me and my family I am a single mother of three. I have been struggling to stay afloat these past couple of months and today my electricity was disconnected I have nobody to ten to in my time of need. So I ask that you pray for me please
- Kimberly T
Please pray that Joe will be aware each day that Jesus is walking with him on his journey in college and that he will feel God's loving presence as he strives to find that place where his passion and talents combine and follow the call of where he can live out that mission for Christ.
- Lisa P.
Prayers of thanksgiving for Andy, who came through his spinal surgery with flying colors.
- Andi & Mark
Asking for healing prayers to repair damaged nerves. I also ask for prayers to secure a full time job after 5 yrs of being under-employed. In Jesus' name.
- Karla C
Please grant me patience during this time in my life and the knowledge that all will be well soon.
- Robin
I ask that you pray for coach Steve. He was admitted to the hospital
- The Bard family
Being older, my job search is taking it's toll on me. I am eager and willing to do anything that I can do.
- Annonymous