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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Almighty God, guide and protect my family during these hard times. Deliver us from these trying times, give us the strength to maintain our faith in you. Heal us Father and help us in all ways. In Jesus name I pray. Amen
- Richard H.
Please give me the strength, confidence and talents to do well in my new career. I am truly grateful for all of the blessings that you have given me this year. Thank you Lord.
- JP
May the Lord grant peace and happiness upon my grandmother, who is suffering from the very intense disease, Parkinson's. Thank you, Lord for blessing us with her presence on her 90th birthday, and for the slivers of hope you provide everyday.
- Rachel T.
Please, please pray as I try to get accepted into a school (last minute) this summer. I am waiting to hear back. It is very selective, and I would appreciate any prayers you could give. Peace.
- Read T.
A prayer please for my Aunt Priscilla Sweeney. She died from old age but she was a lively soul. Thank God I knew her!
- Fabienne C.
Please pray for me as I am dealing with anxiety in my life. Peace be with you.
- Jeff T.
Please let the discord in our parish stop; let people fix their wrongdoings and judgments and live according to Jesus' teachings on love, patience, trustworthiness, leadership, and outreach.
- Katie
Please pray for me to find peace in my Work, to find my place in the world and be of assistance to my fellow man.
- Chris G.
I ask for prayers for my daughter Meggin, who has suffered sudden hearing loss. I thank the Lord for His blessings and pray He will restore my daughter's hearing.
- Catie M.