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I am a hard worker but recently fell on hard times and I am in much need of prayers for guidance to be as to find some place that can help me get my rent paid this month so I don't become homeless I just need a hand up not a hand out. God bless
- Sandra B
I continue to pray that God will punish him and the OW, so that what is ungodly will be destroyed. I am seeking God out to see if I am on the right path to wait for my marriage or to end the wait. I continue to desire a miracle and a transform marriage. I ask for prayers, a new marriage with my husband, for us to put God in the forefront of our marriage, another child or two, a home, a blessed life and a testimony for all the world and my Son.
- Raeanna S
Please pray for my household we are looking at being evicted from our home and becoming homeless.
- Nina E
Please offer up your prayers for me and my spouse. Our relationship has taken a turn for the worst. I need all of GOD's strength right now.
- Mona M.
Please pray for the mouths of these liars to be silenced, as they spreading vicious lies about my dear friend. It's hurting him and his hard-earned career. Satan is trying to bring him down and take him out of the celeb world as a Christian celebrity so that my friend won't be able to make a positive impact for God's Kingdom. Pray for God's will to prevail! Thank you.
- For my dear friend!
Please pray for my friend Brian. He needs God’s help to be happy in life, make good choices, to be able to deal with events in his life, anxiety, stress, addictive behaviors, be emotionally healthy and more empathetic. I hope his hearts opens and he is willing to be more patient, he feels less lonely, has good self esteem and willing to reconcile his relationships. I miss him a lot. Amen
- Brian VA
Holy Father, my friend William's stage four brain tumor has once again come back. Although he's done with chemo, none of us are hearing back from his wife Liz, our childhood friend. I know that all prayers would be deeply appreciated.
Please pray for my salvation, peace, wisdom, being productive, to be more driven, strength to fight my addictions, loneliness, self-esteem and to reconcile relationship with BKM. I need my Savior’s Blessing. Amen
- Vlado
While drinking for the last 5 years, I was verbally abusive, and neglectful of Christine's needs. She left me 2 months ago to live with guy she has been having an affair with for 7 months. I have rededicated my life to God, quit drinking and working AA program. Please pray Christine will turn back to God, repent, and come home for good. Pray for protection from satan and demons. I love her so much and forgive her for everything and hope she forgives me also.
- Allen and Christine