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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for all of the souls world wide who have not found the love, grace and goodness of Our Lord! Please prayer that they find their way to his side and embrace all that he has to offer!
- Michael K
Please pray for my mother Dorothy who has under gone knee replacement surgery and has to go through the same operation for her other knee. She is young at 84 years and your prayers would be very much appreciated.
- Michael K
Please pray for the Rev. W. Frank Allen (Rector of St. David's Episcopal Church in Wayne, PA) and his family, who were involved in a plane crash while vacationing in Alaska on Tuesday.
- Anna C.
Please pray that God's healing grace and light would be on our cat, Callie, who was exposed to the feline leukemia virus.
- Lance L
Please pray for me as I deal with the loss of my job and my long-term relationship in the space of one week.
- Dean B.
Please pray with me as I start my walk with Christ, that I don't lost or dragged back to things that have a hold on my heart but bring me no happiness.
- Alma H.
Please pray for my nephew who started his basic in The Army last month. We were blessed to hear from him once and I pray he is doing well and The Lord is keeping him in His mighty hands.
- Thomas G.
In thanksgiving for the blessings received from God in my five years of my bachelor degree in college. Thank God for helping me to complete this journey. Amen.
- Ethan R.
Please continue to pray as I struggle with an ended relationship, possible job loss, and serious, chronic depression.
- Wentworth B