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Hello, I would like prayer for my Mom. Her name is Jen. She is in need of a financial miracle. God has supernaturally paid off over $100,000 worth of debt made by her ex-husband. Her ex-husband took out loans in her name for 15 years without her knowing. We have had 10 letters come in the mail that nobody can explain how these loans are getting paid off, except by the power of Jesus. My mother sold our house a couple years ago and we are living with my Nana. We are believing for a new home of our own soon and for God to finish what He has started (paying off all debt). Thank you for believing with me!
- Katie
Please help us in our financial crisis. Help us be able to provide for our children. Amen
- s.james
I would like people to pray for my court I have tomorrow(9\8\16) at 2pm that I would be able to go home on probation and not be sent to prison. I would like a pray that I am able to get help for my addiction instead of being punished by being sent to prison. I ask god for his help because I know anything is possible through him and I know I am weak without him and I ask for forgiveness. I ask for all of this is jesus' name. Amen
- Marianne N
Heavenly father I would like to thank you for working behind the sences in my life and turning all of these hard times into something good father. I trust you father and I love you so much and lift my hands and worship you father. I would like this time of incarceration to end soon father. I want to go home to my dad I miss him so much. I would like to ask that you put mercy in the judges hearts and the prosecutors hearts so things go in my favor father god. I would like to go home on probation and not be sent to prison. I know anything is possible through you father god. I would like to pray for a hedge of protection over my children Olivia, Issac, and Azariah as well as my father Tom and myself. I would like to ask that my children are returned home into my care father god I miss them so much. My heart hurts without my children. I would like to pray for forgiveness father for I have sinned and I am so so sorry I feel horrible for the things I have done to feed my addiction. I would ask that you help me stay on the right path and guide my steps father. I would like to pray for my friend Lisa that she is able to go home soon to her family father. I lift my hands to you father and cry out your glorious name father please father help me... I ask for all of this in Jesus name Amen
- Marianne Napper
Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts as I struggle through and give thanks for 9 mos. recovery from alcoholism today, and deal with the last remaining wreckage of that disease
- Dean W.
Heavenly father THANK YOU. Forgive our sins (me, my husband & daughter). Touch & heal our mind, thoughts, body, Soul. Deliver me from devil's chain (ugly-uneven thoughts) Destroy all evil plans. Control my husband’s anger; create a situation that he confess his sin. Shower YOUR blessings of love, joy, peace. Help my daughter in her study, give her wisdom-knowledge and keep her healthy. Protect us from all infections-illness. Protect my job - no one may harm me at my job place. He takes all my earning, provide me finance. Hide identity. IJN Amen
- Jilian
I have asked for prayer for a job. I need workin order to survive. I want to believe for a teaching job for this school year
- XCindy S.
Father Almighty, i pray for Ricky B who is very ill. Drive away from him all disease and sickness. Restore strength to his body and joy to his spirit. Amen
- Mike T
Prayers that we can raise the money to get into a new home as the one we live in now is not a good situation. Also for a situation at work
- Dan C