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Lord, I really need a job desperately now. I need to support my parents. Lord, Please open the door of good job opportunities for me. Please let me be invited to many good job interviews and of which I will successfully take up the best job that is best suited for me. Please let me have total success in my job search, job interviews, pre-employment checks, reference checks and medical check up and bless me in being able to successfully take up a good and stable job very soon. Please let me be granted with many good job offers which will be offered to me successfully very soon. Thank you.
- M
Please pray for my son, John, he has asked for prayer support. Pray for John' salvation and that he may live and lead his life by Judea-Christian values of truth and compassion. May John find strength and wisdom to stay focused on Jesus Christ.
- Beth
I pray for quiet confidence and support as I face court in a week. I have been sober 10 months after 41 years and give thanks to God for deliverance.
- Dean B.
Please pray for God's Will, mercy, grace and salvation for our oldest, unsaved daughter Clare who is a heroin addict. We fear without God's gracious intervention that we will lose her forever to heroin. We are tired and weak.
- Mark and Christine (parents)
For a renewed commitment to work for effective gun control to end the scourge of gun violence in the United States, let us pray to the Lord.
- Nancy W.
Lord, I ask you with all of my heart, that you accept my conversion from being Roman-Catholic to being Episcopalian and for me to be lead to you god. I pray that you will guide me and help me with all of my problems that I have right now in life. God, you are the only one.
- Ian M.
Please pray for my son, John. May he lead his life with God's will, guidance and wisdom. For his future, may John continue to seek Jesus' salvation, hope, truth, compassion and family values. John has asked for prayers and God's blessings.
- Elizabeth W.
Father God, the One who hears and answers all prayers. You Dear Father knows that we are a small church in Newark NJ and need a larger building to be established in your Holy Name for Your glory and honor. Father we pray to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that Thy will may be done in earth as in heaven, and that You will give us this building so Your name will be glorified in all the earch.
- Michael H
Please bless me with a good job. I have prayed for a teaching job-I have faught a horrendous battle against wicked people, however I know God wants me to work at the right job-very soon I continue to look and apply for jobs- I pray that I could have the Grace to prevent obstacles from coming against this. In Christ Cindy
- Cindy S