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I need prayers for my mom Gloria Velazquez, she has been diagnosed with an agressive type of cancer. As a family, we would ask for your support to follow God's path and live day By day appreciating the gift of life.
- Rosanna Alamo
My fiance is in the midst of a bipolar episode. I ask for your prayers, for both of us. I ask for God to keep him in his unending love; and I ask that God keeps him safe, and in the knowledge of my love for him, and that I am waiting for him to be clear again.
- Matty
For guidance and fortitude. It is only with you, O Lord, that I will find my life.
- Rick
O Father, please my family is in need of financial help we no longer have any bridges to walk across but more like a rope that gradually rips with every attempt. Please watch over my loved ones and protect them till death. Amen
- A.Thomas
I pray for protection, there have been break-ins and robberies in my neighborhood and I pray for the Lord's divine protection from thieves and anything sinister and evil. Keep my family protected and safe Lord. Amen
- Faith C.
O Father God, help me to love others as you have loved me. Without love, I am nothing and offer nothing. Remove all my anger and resentment for things in the past and let me live for Thee.
- Richard M
Hello, I would like prayer for my Mom. Her name is Jen. She is in need of a financial miracle. God has supernaturally paid off over $100,000 worth of debt made by her ex-husband. Her ex-husband took out loans in her name for 15 years without her knowing. We have had 10 letters come in the mail that nobody can explain how these loans are getting paid off, except by the power of Jesus. My mother sold our house a couple years ago and we are living with my Nana. We are believing for a new home of our own soon and for God to finish what He has started (paying off all debt). Thank you for believing with me!
- Katie
Please help us in our financial crisis. Help us be able to provide for our children. Amen
- s.james
I would like people to pray for my court I have tomorrow(9\8\16) at 2pm that I would be able to go home on probation and not be sent to prison. I would like a pray that I am able to get help for my addiction instead of being punished by being sent to prison. I ask god for his help because I know anything is possible through him and I know I am weak without him and I ask for forgiveness. I ask for all of this is jesus' name. Amen
- Marianne N