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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
May God give to my family Health and Happiness. Wish the same for all the People.
- Christos Loutra.
Dear Father: I ask that your spirit and Son may heal my brokenness. I am looking for peace as I am full of fear and anxiety. I pray for answers about my job of which I am worn out. I pray that you guide me to your peace which passes all understanding. Thank you Father God!
- Danny
Heavenly Father, Gracious God, please help me to overcome that which seeks to destroy me. Give me the strength and courage to fight the medical issues that I need to fight, give me your love and peace that I may conquer the depression and anxiety that make daily life a living hell, strengthen my faith in your love and guidance and help me to become a better Christian and to learn to trust You in everything in my life. Give me the strength and courage to walk away from relationships that are toxic, and the feeling of unworthiness that those relationships bring. Help me to turn everything over to You and trust Your will. In Jesus' name. Amen
- Wendy G.
Dear Lord: I ask for peace which only you can give. I live in constant fear and anxiety. I pray that you heal my brokenness. I am miserable at work and ask God for an answer. I am joyless.
- Danny
Please pray for my friend Lea.
- John R.
My work is again so difficult that I can hardly manage to survive in it. Please pray for help and relief in these very daring times at work.
- GB
ATTENTION PRAYER"S NEEDED FOR MY FRIENDS NEPHEW Justin and Meghan,and their new baby girl, The baby was born not breathing, she is on life support for now, I am not sure what they plan on doing, but they need prayers for a miracle .......Help PRAY please?
- Holly Sawyer
Dear Holy Father, I live by myself, am unable to drive right now because of my feet, but most of all, I have no one to talk to and feel so very isolated.
I give a praise report! Thanks be to God for the enlightenment given to me to live my faith and serve God in love and not due to fear. God bless the Episcopal Church. ALL....ARE...WELCOME!
- Richard M