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I would like to request prayer for myself and a guy who is like a big brother to me. He's the person that I'm closest to and the bond I have with him is very special to me. His name is Joe and even though we’re no brothers biologically, in my heart he will always be my big brother. We all have someone in our life that we feel tethered to and find a sense of solace with; Joe is that person in my life. But lately we've been encountering obstacles in our relationship; we live in different countries; he works 70+ hours a week and doesn't have a lot of time to talk with me; we don't get to see each other often. Not only are we are we distant geographically, but also I feel we are becoming distant in our friendship. We've also had other problems in our relationship. I would like to pray for healing of this relationship and that our brotherly bond will only become stronger in spite of the geographic distance. He can also use prayer too because he has personal issues going on and he really needs the touch of God in his heart and life. Thank you for your prayers and care, Pierce
- Pierce B
Lord, please guide my mother's doctors to make the right choices and diagnosis. Let her not be scared and send me friends at this time.
- Stacy C
Please pray for Sully Sullivan and his wife Elizabeth. His brain cancer has come back again.
Be with my brother in law and his family, he recently lost his father to cancer.
- kate h
Jesus please grant Casey and I favor in our relationship, growing closer together in love, understanding and faith for an indestructible foundation.
- Angela S
Lord I am broken and need your strength to lift me up and show me my path forward. Forgive me for my transgressions.
- WC
Please prayer for m sister Diane, who is dealing with mental health challenges.
- Lesley C.
Please pray that my vocation will become more apparent to me.
- Shannon
I need prayer for a physical healing and a physical miracle soon in Jesus name
- darren cox