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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Heavenly Father, please help my brother Walter release the hatred in his heart and heal. In Jesus name Amen
- Denise
God guide me protect me from hardships Please send help to take care of our needs and daily bread. Please pay off old debts and free us fear and insecurity.Please cure all maladies of my children. Gary, Neha, priyanka
- Shiv
Please Heavenly Father protect and bless my marriage ,please give us a baby Amen
- Aïda
I pray for the abused child I read about in the news today. Please fill this child's life with your love.
- Nancy A.
Dear Lord, Please help me be strong in the face of adversity like your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ was. Jesus never doubted who he was and even when he was laughed at, spit on, and tortured, he never wavered. Please fill me with your love and help me carry my crosses in this life. This I ask in Jesus's name. Amen
- Linda
Heavenly father thank you very much for ALL YOU did for me. Forgive our sins(me,my husband & daughter). Touch & heal our mind, thoughts, body, Soul. Destroy evil plans. Control my husband. Shower YOUR blessings of love, joy, peace. Help my daughter in her study, give her wisdom-knowledge. Protect us from infections-illness. Protect my job - no one may harm me at my job place. Provide me finance. Hide identity. IJN Amen
- Jilian
Heavenly Father, I ask that you heal my friend and brother, Scott, as he battles cancer again. Please cover him with your grace and healing touch.
- Rick
I pray that I will be reunited with my daughter and that my family will be restored. I pray for justice, grace, mercy and favor on August 22 and 23, 2016 in my court proceedings.
- Tara and Bryn
Dear Lord, The violent tremors that start every time that I try to fall to sleep at night are getting worse. I wake up exhausted and tearful in the mornings. It will be two long weeks until I see the neurologist. Please calm my body down, dear Jesus.
- Karla