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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
prayers for an apartment or house; anna and jacob. Job for dustin hagadon and to successfully graduate his commitment to the state.
- crystal gardner
Surrounding Bishop Michael Curry with our prayers.
- The Episcopal Community
Prayers and healing thoughts go up for Bishop Curry along with prayers for strength and comfort for his family.
- Lela C.
Bishop Curry. You are always in our hearts and prayers daily for you to do God's work and this is just a side step. I am sure you are ministering from your bed too! God's got you.
- Tamara Gregory-Shepherds Table Soup Kitchen
Offering a prayer for Bishop Michael Curry as he heals from his subdural hematoma. I've had that before, with the word-finding difficulties, and it's amazing how everything can heal just fine. Hang in there, Michael - all will be well. Many prayers sent up for you!
- Michelle C.
Please pray for my son to pass his classes and for my daughter to move forward with her life choices. Thank you
- Lillian S
Our dear friend, Barbara P., passed this evening. Please offer prayers of comfort to her husband of 71 years and their children and grandchildren.
- Janie K
Please pray for accepting forgiveness into my heart. Amen.
- Laura P.
Please help me find a way to be baptized.
- David M