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Dear Lord, I am still having difficulty finding a small part-time job. I am on disability and am worried that if I don't find one soon that I will lose my apartment. And then I don't know where I would go.
- Annonymous
Heavenly Father, I bring my friend Wayne up before you who was just terminated today without notice. He is a single father with a teenage son.
Dear Lord, Help my father recover quickly and my family recover from this hardship.
- James L
Dear Lord I pray for good news and that we will be able to remain in our home and meet all of our financial obligations.
- Pamela F.
Dear Lord I pray for the strength to continue the mission at St. Andrews. Help me to make the right deceisons. Give me the strength to accept disappointment. I need your guidance.
Dearest Lord Jesus, I pray you will hear my prayers and have mercy on my Mother Helen Genova and keep her healthy. She faces a possible diagnosis of Cancer from her Urologist. Thank You for the grace, love and mercy you have shown to me throughout my life. I love you Lord Jesus. Amen
- Daniel Starr
Request your help in prayer for Janet Engan's husband who has a terminal illness. Could you please pray for the holy spirit to provide a cure through uncommon methods not known to his medical providers.
- kalepo
Please pray with me for Pat and her husband Ray to help them get through his congenitive heart disease. Blessed be the Lord, Amen
- Candace W
Lord Christ, I pray for a complete healing of your precious child whom you know to be diagnosed with Progressive Bulbar Palsy. At her request, I am not posting her name. I am comforted to know that you are fully aware of her needs. Please heal her completely. In your name I pray.
- Precious Child of God