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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please, Lord, help our church learn the difference between political ideology and theological insight.
- M.S.
Lord, please help us to love, glorify, and obey you, more than we love, glorify, and indulge ourselves.
- Michelle S.
Holy Spirit, instill your breath in us and lead us to find ways to honor our mother Earth, and protect her for the good of our children and grandchildren.
- Barbara M
Dear Lord I pray for peace and strength too face life's daily challenges . Give me the courage to continue my Work for the church in face of so many obstacles . In Jesus Name I pray. Amen
Please Pray for me as I am over 50 and need a job. It is so hard to be this age and still active mentally and physically and want to work but can't get a job!! I am stepping out of the boat Please pray for me!
- Ann G.
Please pray for strength and healing for Joe B. as he approaches his bone marrow transplant and for strength and courage for his family as they support him through this difficult time.
- Jan
Please pray for my dear friend - Ed - who has liver cancer. Doctors say he has less than a month before he passes. Perhaps that is true. I pray for God's healing grace to be poured out on Ed and all those who love him, especially his husband Chris, in whatever the days ahead may bring.
- John Mark
For Korby Kennedy, killed in the line of duty, San Angelo police department
- Hope B
Peace, open communication, acceptance & love to abound in this relationship. And for my spouse to be to be open to Christ.
- Summer B