Charles Chapman Grafton and the Genesis of American Anglo-Catholicism


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As a founding member of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist, Co-founder of the Sisterhood of the Holy Nativity, Rector of Boston’s Church of the Advent, and Bishop of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Charles Chapman Grafton (1830-1912) decisively influenced the growth of Anglo-Catholicism in the Episcopal Church and beyond.
This Lenten program explores Bishop Grafton’s life, ministry, and legacy through a series of presentations by distinguished speakers who have been at the forefront of Grafton research in recent years. Each session begins with Evening Prayer at 5:30 pm and supper at 6 pm followed by the presentation, and concludes by 8 pm.
March 5 Grafton and Religious Orders
The Rev. John D. Alexander, Rector of S. Stephen’s Church, Providence
March 12 Grafton and Fond du Lac
Catholicity, Prayer, Will Power, and Money
Matthew Payne, Historiographer of the Diocese of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
March 19 Grafton the Parish Priest
Native Son of Boston and Fourth Rector of the Advent 1872-1888
The Rev. Andrew C. Mead, Rector of the Church of the Advent, Boston, 1985-1996; Rector of St. Thomas Fifth Avenue NYC 1996-2014 (Rector Emeritus 2014-present)
March 26 Grafton and the Blessed Sacrament
A Transatlantic Chapter
Richard J. Mammana, Jr., Archivist of The Living Church Foundation; Director of Project Canterbury
April 2 Grafton and Father Fiske
S. Stephen’s, Sisterhoods, and Ritualism
Phoebe Pettingell, Editor of The S. Stephen
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