First World Anglican Indian Clergy Conference 2017


Glory Beach Resort
Port Dickson
Monday, September 18, 2017 to Friday, September 22, 2017

On behalf of the DIOCESE OF WEST MALAYSIA, THE BOARD OF TAMIL AND ALLIED WORK we hereby warmly extend our invitation to you to attend what we believe is the FIRST WORLD ANGLICAN INDIAN CLERGY CONFERENCE 2017. We are hoping that some 150 clergy and deaconesses from all over the world will participate in this conference. The conference is open to all bishops, ordained clergy and deaconesses.

2. This conference was originally conceived by our Suffragan Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Jason Selvaraj and that which has received the blessings and support from the Diocesan Board of Tamil and Allied Work. This Conference’s primary objective is to provide clergy from around the world an avenue to come together for a time of fellowship and fostering link/ties with respective Churches or Dioceses in all over the world. During the conference, participants attend sessions and workshops addressing the diverse needs of leaders to help scale their ministry and find common ground for venturing or partnership in the larger mission of the church.

3. There are few opportunities for our diaspora Indian Christian leaders and churches to engage in a genuinely global fellowship. In the context of similarities and differences, such fellowship and gathering is increasingly important as it facilitates the development and sharing of knowledge and the establishment of international collaborative relationship and links. This conference is bringing the world Indian Christian community through collaboration and dialogue on various issues through the exchange of ideas, concerns, solutions, problems, person to person contacts and professional relationships.

4. The particular of the conference is as below:

  •   Date:              18th to 22nd September 2017
  •   Fees:              USD170.00 per-person (including food, accommodation and conference materials)
  •   Venue:           Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson, Malaysia (beach side)
  •   Theme:          Intentional Discipleship in a Changing World

Our Diocese as well as our Board have pledged their financial support towards the said conference and this has helped to keep the registration fees low.

5. You can register by clicking on the link given!

The closing date for the registration is 31st July 2017. Those who register early need only to pay US$ 170.00 as registration fees. After the closing date, the fees will be USD200.00 per-person. The registration fees only cover the duration of the conference. Following the conference, the delegates will need to pay for all other expenses occurred. The registration is first come first serve basis. Only completed registration with full payment will be accepted as delegate for the conference.

6. Cultural Night – There is one slot in the program which is called a Cultural Night. The objective of this Cultural Night is to share, foster friendship and fellowship among us and to strengthen our bonding as Indian Anglican Clergy in a light hearted manner. Therefore, we request you as individuals and Churches to present an item such as a song, play, drama, skit, mime etc. which should depict our Indian Culture & Tradition with Christian Spiritual flavour in it. When you submit your Rregistration form, along with it, send us the details of the item you are going to present. 

7. Attached with this letter is the link for the registration and the required information for the conference. For any clarification, please contact, the Revd. Issac Pandianadan (Hon. Secretary WAICC 2017) at 0125560117 or [email protected].

With warm regards and God’s blessings.

Yours sincerely,


The Rt. Rev. Dr. Jason Selvaraj

Suffragan Bishop, Area Diocese of Southern Peninsula

Diocese of West Malaysia

Province of South East Asia


The Revd. Issac Pandianadan (Hon. Secretary WAICC 2017)

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