Quiet Day

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

(Wednesday 9:00 – 4:00)     

Clare of Assisi: Saint, Sister, and Companion

An early follower of St. Francis, Clare of Assisi was more his sister and peer than disciple. She was the first woman to have written an approved rule for a religious community. A woman ahead of her time, she held to her course despite the opposition of church leaders and popes. The presentation consists of a series of stories, dramatic sketches, and reading of Clare’s writings alternating with periods of meditation/reflection and group discussion. Those who attend will not only come to know Clare of Assisi but also glean wisdom from her lyrical theology.

Mary Mendenhall, SCHC studied nursing, Bible, psychology, anthropology, and the performing arts, and has worked in developmental missions in rural Uganda and Cyprus, teaching spirituality and drama. She has written two novels. www.marymendenhalletc.net

Program fee $75 includes lunch (silent with music)

Program check-in 8:30 am Wednesday

Advanced registration is required, visit www.Adelynrood.org for details.

Kathryn Ostertag, Assistant Manager