Webinar: Avoid Payment Pitfalls - Wage & Hour Law

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

(2pm - 3pm US/Eastern)

Of course you want to be fair, but you must also be compliant. Wage and hour laws are not only complicated, they’re constantly changing. Employee wage payment lawsuits are on the rise. Administrative agencies are ramping up enforcement efforts. So don’t let your school be caught unaware. In one short hour, you’ll learn the key tenets of federal wage payment law as applied to Episcopal schools. You’ll understand the options for paying teachers, administrators, coaches and staff; you’ll appreciate the difference between overtime liability and lawful exemptions from overtime. No complicated legalese, just the information your school needs to pay fairly and operate legally. 

Douglas Burtch, Owner and Principal 
Burtch Law PLLC 

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