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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
I ask for prayers for Adam, Amanda, and Ayce ... that their family may find peace and reconciliation.
- Patti P
Please pray for my father who is suffering from colorectal and prostate cancer. We ask for your guidance to find a qualified surgeon. I pray he is healed in Jesus name lord hear my prayer
- Maggie
Please pray for Reisha as she lives out her final days may she go gently without pain or suffering. May her transition to a new dimension be seamless and her spirit be with me always. I love her and she will always be in my heart. Let her soul be with me forever. Thank you.
- John
Loving God, I pray for a successful surgery tomorrow morning with no complications. Please guide the medical team in your healing wisdom. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.
- Jennifer
Please pray that William Luis Hamm get good news from his doctors exam, his CEA test and his CT scan. Pray that he be truly cancer free and healed of all disease. Pray that he get his disability approved.
- B
I pray for my father, my mother and all those who are suffering with diseases of the mind and body. Amen.
- Evan White
Pray for the grace to understand the division between me and my family over this political atmosphere. I seek grace and guidance to understand and to follow the Lord's will for my life.
- Misti M
I pray for strength as my wife and I make a move albeit just to a nearby city it is taxing on us financially and emotionally we need strength both physical and emotional. Also that my wife will consider attending church with me though she is not of the same denomination as I.
- Joshua
Lord, please bless and protect our Muslim brothers and sisters in the US who are facing hardships and discrimination. Please bless the United States with peace and understanding.
- mel s