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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
"Please Pray For Marriage Restoration for Dina Loi Guzman Perez and Michael Perez in Orlando Florida." "For Dina's Anger and Resentment towards her husband to cease." "For Dina's heart to soften for her Marriage." (Romans 9:18) "For Dina to call her husband to seek Marriage Counciling." That Dina will come home and leave The Harbor House on Hiawasee to peacefully be with her husband with their one year old daughter Sofia to be a Family again.
- Michael Perez
Prayers for my 26 year old daughter. She is in a controlling relationship with her boyfriend. She has cut off all communication with me and my husband. Pray that she may be safe and strong to get out of that relationship and that she may know Jesus' love, salvation and forgiveness.
- Beth
For the lord to aid me in my acceptance of others and for placing me in a position where I can faithfully and remarkably make a difference in the lives of others less fortunate.
- Angela Alexander and Shari
I'm questioning, seeking, and in search of peace. Please pray for me.
- Bobby
RIP Scott Little. May you rest in peace and rise in glory. Well done good and faithful servant.
- Patti P
Please help Kathy and her family. Help them see through the pain of treatment to the healing of recovery. For the sake of all buried by this unyielding disease, their families, and Kathy and Dave's little boys. They are so loving a caring. Please heal them. In Jesus' name.
- Brian
Prayers for our daughters who is in a difficult financial struggle right now. Lift this burden from her dear Lord, and we her parents who love her.
- Diane L.
Most merciful God, thank you for guiding and directing my dear brother toward your vision for his life. Thank you for healing him and helping him become the man you intended him to be.
- JD
Please pray for me as I start my journey in following Christ through the ministry of the priesthood in Europe
- Andres Ikaika Kulia Olleros Alapai