General Convention 2006

General Convention 2006


March 4, 2007

After a lengthy debate which drew over a dozen speakers plus the introduction and subsequent defeat of two amendments, the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey approved a resolution at its Convention March 3 that "expresses its deepest regret for the pain and anguish suffered by our gay and lesbian...

September 30, 2006

I’ve been conducting an informal survey here on the East Coast and among friends and colleagues around the world, asking, “What have you heard about General Convention?” I was there and can tell you quickly what I thought.

We are a different church than we were three years ago (in a...

July 1, 2006

For Bonnie Anderson, being elected president of the House of Deputies comes at a time of tremendous opportunity.

“I’m really excited about working with the church in this new way,” says the deputy from Michigan, who was unanimously elected on June 14. Her three-year term of office began...

July 1, 2006

The hottest item you could get at General Convention this year wasn’t the beloved Amish fudge.

It wasn’t any of the T-shirts with their clever sayings offered for sale in the Exhibit Hall. Not the “Kenyon is not near Uganda” shirt that made some folks laugh right out loud as they passed...

June 30, 2006

Surrounded by a historical timeline recounting the countless contributions and sacrifices that women have made to the church, 188 bishops sang many hymns, prayed many prayers and then, on the fifth ballot, took a historic step on June 18 to elect the church’s first female presiding bishop....

June 30, 2006

Her hands streaked in a rainbow of marker ink, a young girl sat at a table near the back of the General Convention worship space, carefully coloring green around the edges of fabric flower petals. Around the table and at others nearby, her compatriots worked with adult volunteers to attach...

June 30, 2006

A new mass setting, composed in honor of Presiding Bishop Frank T. Griswold, premiered at the General Convention festival Eucharist June 17.

Composed by Craig Phillips, associate director of music and composer-in-residence at All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Beverly Hills, Calif., the...

June 30, 2006

I write this shortly after the close of the General Convention as I continue to reflect upon the events of those full and demanding days in Columbus, Ohio. I now want to offer a few early observations.

The first is that we are looking beyond ourselves and are actively engaged in God’s...

June 30, 2006

General Convention dealt with relatively few of the proposed international resolutions as its work bogged down with debates about Windsor Report responses. Some wondered aloud if that failure might weaken the church’s strong voice of witness to Congress.

Bishops and deputies did, however...

June 30, 2006

Advocates and leaders received awards from several Episcopal organizations at events during General Convention.

The Episcopal Peace Fellowship honored the Rev. Canon Naim Ateek, director of the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem. A strong proponent of faith and...


Bulletin Inserts

Katharine Jefferts Schori, bishop of Nevada, was elected June 18 as the first woman Presiding Bi

The Presiding Bishop is the church’s chief pastor and the key leader in articulating the vision

Bishops, clergy and lay people from Episcopal dioceses all over the world will make broad decisi