Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality


October 22, 2002

The 143rd convention of the Diocese of Kansas narrowly defeated a resolution opposing Bishop William Smalley's policy of blessings for couples outside of marriage in a vote that was characterized by people on both sides of the issue as 'prayerful' and 'grace-filled.'

The convention took...

February 18, 2000

Those who were expecting the Commission on Liturgy and Music to drop a bombshell on the highly controversial issue of ordinations of homosexuals and blessing of same-sex relationships are going to be disappointed. The commission's report for July's General Convention urges more dialogue and,...

February 18, 2000

The prospect that Vermont will approve same-sex marriage is exposing a deep rift among the state's religious leaders.

In testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Roman Catholic Bishop Kenneth Angell said, "Today in Vermont the sacredness of marriage and the family as ordered by...

January 27, 1999

When the Diocese of New Westminster in the Anglican Church of Canada narrowly approved (179 to 170) a resolution calling for the blessing of same-sex unions last spring, Bishop Michael Ingham decided to withhold his consent until after the Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops meeting in...