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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for my son and mom who are in critical condition and are in need of strength from God to fight for their lives. A miracle for an important decision.
- Theresa
For my health and finances. God bless.
- Greg Deorio
I did not get the job that I asked for prayer about last couple of weeks. I need to ask for prayer again to obtain the teaching job that I am currently pursuing
- Cindy s
Dear Lord: I come to you weary and worn. I seek your peace which only you can give. I ask forgiveness of my sins so I can walk with Jesus.
- Danny H
Please pray for me and my ex-husband that we can heal our hearts, reconcile, and rebuild our family with our little daughter. Thank you for your kindness.
- Rebecca R
Please pray for me and my future husband. Pray that God brings us together soon. Pray that the right man comes into my life. I am 26, never been in a relationship with a man, never been kissed or been on a date. Pray that I will get my first kiss and first date soon. I desire to know what kissing feels like. I hope my first kiss will be special and worth all this waiting. I can't wait to be a bride to wear my beautiful white wedding dress and for my step dad to walk me down the aisle. I don't understand why God hasn't let a man come into my life yet or why no man has ever asked me out on a date or noticed me before or why I haven't had my first kiss yet. I am tired of being in the waiting room. I desire to be a wife and a mom. I desire marriage so much. I can't wait to finally have sex for the first time on my wedding night and I hope my future husband is a virgin too just like me. I can't wait for my beach wedding. Pray that this man will love me and won't care that I am a vegetarian. Pray that this man comes soon in my life so I can become his wife. I am so lonely without this man in my life and really want to be a part of his life and share our lives together. Thanks.
- Natalie
May God grant to David healing, the removal of cancer from his body, and the grace in his faith to make good use of the remainder of his life and the renewal of his faith. May Love continue to grow between David and the woman who loves him.
- David C
May God give to my family Health and Happiness. Wish the same for all the People.
- Christos Loutra.
Dear Father: I ask that your spirit and Son may heal my brokenness. I am looking for peace as I am full of fear and anxiety. I pray for answers about my job of which I am worn out. I pray that you guide me to your peace which passes all understanding. Thank you Father God!
- Danny