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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray for Will & Sara as they struggle with crucial family decisions. May God bless all families.
- Martin T Harris
Prayers for peace and compassion in my family. And that family members look for ways to inspire and care for each other.
- Beth
Prayers for Doug, that he may find forgiveness in his heart, so that he can heal the hurts of his childhood. And be able to grow in his spiritual life.
- Beth
Please pray for me and my family. I'm having struggles with depression and we are going through a difficult time. Please also pray for all of the people that are struggling with addiction and those considering at this moment, trying something that could lead to addition.
- mom
Please pray for my friend Chelsea to find Christ. She works in medicine and has the opportunity to reach people, but is surrounded by darkness.
- Ryan
Dear Lord, Help me maintain my dignity and sanity in the face of false allegations of abuse, and comfort all those who are wrongly accused. Bless us.
- G.Allen
Dear Lord, Heal the painful wound between my mother, Ruth, and me, George so that we may once again love and care for each other. We are in desperate need of that love so we can live our lives in harmony 'til death parts us.
- George M.
I ask that this depression I have been struggling with be lifted so I may move on with my life and become a functioning member of my family and community again.
- Jan B
Please pray for a friend of mine who is having a spiritual and emotional breakdown. Please pray for healing and break through for her.
- Christina W