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Please pray for my father, an Air Force Veteran, suffering from PTSD, and my brother, currently enlisted in the Air Force, for safety in working and that that he may find comfort and healing regarding his depression. Please pray for my new daughter, that she may grow to be happy, healthy, and faithful.
- Megan S.
I pray for the healing of my nephew John M. from alcoholism and that he will get a new job soon.
- debbie w.
Please pray for my family. Especially for my son father and I to become on loving, faithful, Godly family. I believe and im recieving our family union as husband and wife
- Rohoy
For guidance throughout all of His Holy trials.
- David C.
Offering a prayer of thanksgiving for the privilege of successfully caring for God's creation, my friend, Marty.
- David
I am hoping to being Cognitive Behaviour Therapy soon to help restore balance in my life. It is LONG overdue.
- Richard M
Please ask that God bless my depression, finances, and loneliness.
- Stuart M
Please pray for those battling the insidious disease of cancer and all those affected by it.
- Mark K
My brother, William, has been sent to McLellan VA hospital for tests because of severe pain in his stomach. He has been in the hospital for over a year. He always helped other people whenever they had need whether rides to hospital or clinics or in other ways. He needs good news in all ways. Please keep him in your prayers and his mother, Pat.
- Michael G