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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please prayer that I will be alright with moving to another city tomorrow. I will be gone from everyone, but, I want to be okay with that.
- Layla M.
Please pray for me. I lied and then told the truth on my own accord. The consequences may be great. I seek courage and strength to endure and mercy and forgiveness to continue. MN
- mk
I pray to God that the Episcopal Church service return to longer Sunday sermons v. the current format of brief homily. I am deeply aware of the need for theological education in the Church. Too many secular, ignorant choices are being made (ex.: same sex marriage rite) in what is supposed to be, and maintain, a holy environment. What is truly holy excludes the common and secular. Can we all handle this for just one hour a week? Jesus asked his disciple "Could you not watch one hour?"
- Anonymous
May my mom not die of her 82 tumors and God bless.
- Jacob b.
Prayer for healing for my husband as endures this trial. Give him strength.
- Peggy
Please pray that I may know that He is real.
- Camille P
i pray that I continue to grow spiritually and mentally in the Lord. I also pray that whatever is for me I take it and let the blessings continue to flow down on me that there may not be enough room to receive it. please also help me be a blessing to other people.
- Dionne
My company transferred my husband and I to a new state about a year ago. He has been struggling to find a job since. He has an interview tomorrow for a job that he is qualified for. Please pray that the interview goes smoothly and that he is the best candidate for the position and that it is offered to him.
- -CMH
Pray that the Episcopal Church become more tolerant of others in a lower position than itself. Realize that the Church is no longer primarily for the wealthy, learned and those of high social standing. Those days are gone. Which is not to say one must "lower the bar " -- just be accepting of others. The world is now a rough place. No one should have to go it alone. Don't shun or reject those who have or know less than you do.
- Anonymous